Z!NK Magazine: La Dame

Model: Shelby @ RED

Stylist: Stef Pharr

Makeup: Liz Wegrzyn

Hairstylist: Jessica Kidd

Nail Artist: Angela Turner

Photographer’s assistant: Tatiana Bergum


Angelo and Damiano @ JOY Models, photographed in Rome, Italy in the lovely neighborhood of Monti. Though its name means “mountains,” Monti is more like an island rising out of Rome’s center. Invisible walls seem to separate this neighborhood from the adjacent tourist traps that border its artsy and bohemian population. In Monti, unmoneyed intelligentsia argue politics in smoky dens, vintage clothes come from London rather than Milan, and old-time craftspeople ply their trades in the streets. Monti is underground Rome, hidden in plain sight.

Copyright @ 2023, Tony Veloz
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